“We Clean The Mess So You're At Your Best.”


About us


Diamond Shine Building Service is family owned and operated.  We provide janitorial services to businesses in the Golden Triangle and surrounding areas.

At Diamond Shine Building Service we are committed to providing our clients with consistent and quality service. 

We continue to strive to improve our services with our clients input, our team members training, and through open and honest communication. 

We will address all problems, large or small, with this commitment. We seek to maintain and develop a long lasting relationship with our clients, as well as our team members.


Our Vision

  • To be consistent in our provision of cleaning services, ensuring that they are always of the highest possible quality.

  • To concentrate our resources in maintaining a cleaning standard amongst our team members with the remainder going towards expansion and growth.

  • To maintain our existing clients by providing consistent and quality service.

  • To constantly seek out new contractors with whom we can work with by investing time and resources to ensuring that these contractors consistently work to our standards.

  • To constantly invest in the development and relationship of team members, clients, and company growth to the benefit of all.

    By making these investments we can then work towards becoming one of the leading brands within the cleaning industry throughout Southeast Texas!